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TiVo Mini VOX 4K - DVR Companion with Voice Remote and 4K - AUTHORIZED RETAILER
New Tablo 2-Tuner HDTV Over The Air OTA Digital Video Recorder DVR Cord Cutters
TiVo BOLT+ 3TB 4K DVR and Streaming Media Player - (TCD849300)
TiVo BOLT (500GB) DVR including Lifetime Service - Factory Refurbished / Sealed 
TiVo Bolt 500 GB with All In Lifetime Service, New in Unopened Box
TiVo Roamio OTA VOX - 1 TB with All-in (Lifetime) Service! Skips Commercials!
LG To Launch 55”, 65” Ultra HD TVs At Video & Audio Center
Los Angeles — LG Electronics will give its 65- and 55-inch 4K Ultra High-Definition LED LCD TVs a formal send-off at the Santa Monica outlet of Video & Audio Center Thursday. The Southern California-based consumer electronics retailer, which has become a ...
LG Electronics LA9700 Series ULTRA HD TV Models Introduced
Expanding on the strong interest surrounding its 84-inch ULTRA High Definition TV, LG Electronics (LG) today announced the addition of 55- and 65-inch ULTRA HD TV models in markets around ... the Sliding Speaker can be set to extend automatically when ...
The Coolest Stuff from the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show
The 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES ... Here’s what we found. So your TV isn’t “smart?” Just set up this wireless keyboard remote that’s Android capable for playing games, streaming video and yes video chatting with the included HD camera.
HDBaseT takes HDMI and 4K further
HDBaseT is designed to allow a single Cat 5e cable -- incredibly common and incredibly cheap today -- to carry video of up to 4K resolution, audio ... the connector into consumer AV devices. These include a "single-wire" TV (no power cable!)
NETGEAR Spotlights The Smart Home At 2013 Consumer Electronics Show
NETGEAR launched a number of new WiFi, networking and media streaming products that demonstrate the company's leadership in technologies that are transforming the connected home and entertainment ... just streaming video or even basic TV viewing.
TiVo BOLT (with bonus Tivo mini) DVR - ALL IN LIFETIME SERVICE
Channel Master CM-7500GB16 DVR+ 1TB Hard Drive Wifi Adapter HDMI Cable Included
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Channel Master 16GB Dual 2 Tuner DVR + - CM7500GB16 & 640GB HD & HDMI & WI-FI <<
TiVo Roamio OTA + TiVo Mini Bundle + TiVo Bridge
tivo roamio plus lifetime, Two Tivo Minis And 1 TB External Hard Drive
Tablo 4 tuner with LIFETIME Guide WITH 1TB External Hard Drive
Channel Master 16GB Dual-Tuner DVR - CM7500GB16
ViP 922 Dish Network DVR Digital Video Recorder 1TB HDD Sling TV HDMI
TiVo BOLT + PLUS DVR with 450 HD Hours (3TB), 6-tuners 4K TCD849300 #FXx34
TiVo Roamio PRO (3TB) DVR & two Tivo Minis -All three with lifetime subscription
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TiVo Roamio Plus (1TB) DVR
TiVo Roamio Plus (1TB) DVR TCD848000
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TiVo Mini + IR Remote
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TiVo Mini Receiver - TCDA93000 with RF Remote
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TiVo Roamio HD 500GB DVR & Streaming Media Player TCD846500
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Digital Antenna TV Tuner + USB DVR Function With HDMI RCA A/V Output
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TiVo Roamio OTA DVR - 500 GB (TCD846510)
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MAGNAVOX MDR513H/F7 HDD Hard Drive and DVD Recorder
TiVo Roamio HD (500GB) DVR
Magnavox H2160MW9 160GB HDD & DVD Recorder w/Remote & Manual (PDF on DVD)
Premium Digital HDTV Receiver Recorder For Over-The-Air TV Channels From Antenna
Tablo 4-Tuner Over-The-Air HDTV DVR
TiVo BOLT 1TB (1000GB) DVR with Remote Control - TCD849000 - White
Philips HDR112 Tivo Digital Video Recorder
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DDW-401S DDW-411S DDW-451S DDW-813S LMU-713S Exact Fit Replacement 16X DVD Drive
TiVo Mini Receiver with Remote, EC
TiVo BOLT 500 GB DVR and Streaming Media Player - 4K UHD - With 2 remotes!
Tablo 4-Tuner OTA Digital Video Recorder
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TiVo BOLT 500 GB DVR and Streaming Media Player - 4K UHD
Hauppauge HD-PVR High Definition Personal Video Recorder 1212 (Rev. F2)
TiVo Mini Receiver, Power Cord & Remote
Preowned Toshiba DVR620 KU DVR VHS recorder w 1080p Upconversion 22x15x8 13LBS
TiVo Mini + IR/RF Remote
TiVo Mini with IR/RF Remote - TCDA92000 - Lifetime - No Monthly Service Fees 
Samsung DVD-R120 Progressive Scan DVD Recorder w/Tuner -Ram/-R/-RW Compatible
TiVo Mini Receiver (TCDA93000), with Remote Control, Great Condition!!!
TiVo BOLT 500 GB DVR and Streaming Media Player - 4K UHD
TiVo BOLT 500 GB DVR and Streaming Media Player - 4K UHD
Used TiVo Mini HD Model TCDA92000 (No Remote) - Being Sold As-Is
TiVo BOLT 500 GB DVR and Streaming Media Player - 4K UHD, Great Condition!!!
Toshiba RD-XS35 DVD/HDD 160GB Recorder
1x TiVo BOLT 500 GB DVR 4K UHD (white) & 3x TiVo Mini's (black)
Elgato eyetv HD HD DVR
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Get Smart
Notable Smart TV or connected TV platforms include products from manufacturers Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG ... on demand diminish ad supported local and network TV viewing? To date, we have found that the average person consumes more TV programming ...
The best of CES 2012
The Consumer Electronics Show (or CES ... Replicator 3D printer. The Simple.TV DVR might just be the next big thing for cable-cutters. It's improbably a DVR without a built-in hard drive or video output, instead letting you supply your own ...
Oppo BDP-103 Blu-ray player
With most consumer electronics ... one for audio to your A/V receiver and one for video to your display — or audio and video to both. Three USB inputs in total, to simultaneously support the USB Wi-Fi adapter, a permanently-attached USB hard drive ...
Using the H.264 specification for anywhere, anytime placeshifted video
Earlier compression methods let users record excellent picture quality at real-time frame rates, but these methods required large hard drive ... other audio and video ICs, the small footprint makes it possible to use the devices in home electronics ...
Sony battles back (Fortune, 1985)
The VHS was clearly a better mousetrap in an important respect ... Enderlin, a photography industry analyst at Smith Barney Harris Upham. The video camera will have to carve out a new market and nobody knows if that's possible.
No End to Set-Top Boxes in Sight
If there’s any big takeaway from pay TV operators’ presentations at the Consumer Electronics Show ... s plenty of storage for the shows being recorded on DVRs. The new digital video recorders previewed at CES had a terabyte of storage ...