Consumer Electronics TV, Video & Home Audio TV, Video & Audio Parts Amplifier Parts & Components
API 325-4 Line Amp with 2520 Op Amp, Pair
US TPA3116D2 2*120W Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Digital Amplifier Board+Case
Remote Control USB SD FM MP3 Player Module Bluetooth Audio Receiver Module 12V
iFi Micro iUSB Power Supply, excellent condition, boxed with all cables/PSU
Dual Discrete Op Amp SS3602
PAM8610 15Wx2 6V-15V Two Channel Stereo Class D Audio Amplifier Board Module US
Future Electronics: How Gadgets Will Change in 5 Years
Touch-based tablets and gesture-recognition devices on the Consumer Electronics ... for most home Internet users — even those with fast broadband Internet speeds. Such huge ultra HD videos could mean a slight resurgence in physical media such as Blu ...
The next home-networking revolution will be wired
Theoretically, you can deploy an 802.11ac router and send data, audio, and high-def video zipping throughout your home without ... including CEC (Consumer Electronics Control), RS-232, and infrared. So if your TV is in one room but your PC ...
Lawmakers move to block black box recorders in cars
If consumers opt out of the new technology, companies are required to offer a video ... audio, especially in the volumes that would be collected by millions of game owners, would be analyzed. "Are there going to be rooms full of people watching the TV ...
Philips Electronics Sold Audio and Video Business to Funai Electric
Philips Electronics sold the audio and video business to Funai Electric of Japan in the deal which would lead to the exit of the former from consumer electronics completely. Philips would now focus on the healthcare sector and home appliances. For several ...
Six Questions: Gary Shapiro, President and CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association
Captioning for both analog and digital TV (DTV) is defined in ... developed jointly with the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association (CEDIA) and provide guidance for optimum audio and video delivery in home theater installations.
8 pcs 31x21mm Isolation Speaker Turntable Stand Base DAC CD Feet Mat Pad machine
Class A/B Audio Board 60W@4ohm Bluetooth DIY COMPLETE KIT W/ Battery + Speakers!
2Pcs TDA7293 100W Digital Audio Amplifier Board AC 12V-50V Mono Single Channel
50W*2+100W 2.1Channel Subwoofer Audio Digital Power Amplifier Board TPA3116 Chip
TDA7492P 50W+50W Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver Digital Amplifier Board
DIY Tube amplifier linestage preamplifier DAC audio chassis aluminum enclosure
TPA3116 2x50W Bluetooth Digital Amplifier Board TF USB + Remote Control TE816
Ultraperm 80 Metal Shielding Sheet 8" x 5.3" MuMetal Mu Metal Sheet Audio Shield
US TPA3116 2*50W+100W 2.1 CRS Bluetooth 4.0 Class D Digital Amplifier Board+Case
TPA3116D2 120W+120W Dual Channel digital Power Audio Amplifier Board*
Single Discrete Audio Op Amp SS3601
BOSE LSPS Module Assembly, PS 18/48 120V US -277096-631F
ALPS RK27 Blue Velvet Japan 100KAX2 POT Slotted 25MM x 6MM Shaft DIA 100k
Audiosource Amp 5.3a Monoblock Amplifier: 250 W RMS
TPA3116D2 2X50W DC 5-24V Digital Amplifier Board Class D Dual Channel Stereo AMP
5pcs PAM8403 Mini 2 Channel Stereo 3W Class D Audio Power Amplifier Module Board
10X PAM8403 Mini 2 Channel Stereo 3W Class D Audio Power Amplifier Module Board
2pcs PAM8403 Mini 2 Channel 3W Audio Power Amplifier Module 5v Board USA Seller
Panasonic 10000UF 25V 85℃ Radial Snap Style
Denon AU-300LC LC-OFC Step-Up Transformer
NEW Subwoofer Amplifier.250w.Speaker Amp.Replacement.Woofer BASS Power Plate.
80W Car Home Bluetooth Hi-Fi Amplifier Board Audio Subwoofer Bass Power AMP US
DC 12V-24V TPA3118 BTL 60W Mono Digital Audio Power Amplifier Board Module M374
PAM8610 Mini 10W+10W Stereo Audio Power Amplifier Board Module w/ Volume Control
Cigar Box Guitar Amplifier Kit - Battery Powered Amp Circuit Board JRC 386
DIY PCB - Stereo tube active crossover
NXG Zone Blue 60W Bluetooth In-Wall Stereo Amplifier w/ Remote NX-ZONE-BLUE NEW✔
TDA7492 50W*2 AUX Switch Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Digital Amplifie Board US
2x25W Class-D Stereo Audio Amplifier Board TDA7498 Sure Amp Model AA-AB32165
IRS2092S 500W Mono Channel Digital Class D HIFI Power Amp Amplifier Board FAN US
MP3 USB Flash Drive Micro SD TF Card Player Decoding Amplifier Board Module USA
LM3886TF 68W Low Noise Audio Power Amplifier - Lot of 2 LM3886
PAM8403 3W Stereo Audio Power Amplifier Board Module with Volume Control Pot US
7 Cool Blue 8V LED Lamp Fuse-Type Bulbs for Marantz 2215, 2220, 2220B - 7CB
TDA7492P 50W+50W Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Receiver Digital Amplifier Board US STOCK
AUX TDA7492P 50W+50W Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Digital Amplifie+Case Kit US
TDA2030A Audio Amplifier Module Power Amplifier Board AMP 6~12V 1*18W
TDA7492 50W*2 AUX Switch Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Digital Amplifie Board USA
TDA2030A Audio Power Amplifier Board Module Mono 18W DC9-24V DIY Kits Components
LANGEVIN 138M Mono Amplifier in nice condition !   Altec  Western Electric 
TDA7294 100W Audio Power Amplifier ( TDA7294 )
New AUX TDA7492P 50W+50W Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Digital Amplifie+Case Kit
Starting Point Systems DAC3 TDA1543 NOS DAC
Aluminum Mounting Plate for SURE JAB & Dayton KAB Bluetooth Amplifier Boards
US TPA3116D2 2*120W Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Digital Amplifier Board New
DIY PCB - High voltage "Maida" style regulator PCB
TPA3116 Class D Amplifier Board Bluetooth 4.0 Amplifier Board + Case 100W+2*50W
TPA3116 100W+2*50W Class D Amplifier Board Bluetooth 2.1 Amplifier Board NA
US 12V-24V TPA3116D2 120W+120W Dual-Channel Stereo Digital Audio Amplifier
Samsung BN91-17814W One Connect With Cable For SUHD 4K TV Black Used #lovk77
Breeze Audio HiFi Class2.0 Audio Stereo Digital Power Amplifier TPA3116 2*50W US
FiiO Headphone Amplifier Module Balanced Type AM3A
12V/5V LED Car Bluetooth MP3 Decode Board Module Audio FM USB For HIFI Amplifier
Elan 12 Channel Digital Power Amplifier D1200 / 1201
Pair of Rubicon Black Gate WKZ series 100+100 uF 350V capacitors Heart of Muse
DIY PCB Board Tube Amp Universal PS Power Supply HV with Neg Bias KT88 EL34 EL84
US TDA7498 2*100W Digital Power Amplifier Board Class D Dual Audio Stereo
US TDA7498 BTL 100W+100W High-power Digital Amplifier Board AMP With Radiator
TDA7492P 2x25W Stereo Bluetooth Audio Receiver Digital Amplifier Board AUX input
LM386 DC 5V-12V Mini Micro Audio Amplifier Module Board Mono AMP Module HIFI DIY
CD74HC4067 CMOS 16 Channel Analog Digital Multiplexer Breakout Module Arduino
Bluetooth 4.1 MP3 WAV Decoding Board Amplifier Audio Receiver Module with Remote
AC/DC 12V TDA7297 2x15W Digital Audio Amplifier DIY Kit Dual-Channel Module OY
TDA2030A Mono 15W Audio Power Amplifier Board AC/DC 12V Assembled FastATJC
LT3045 ultra low noise 0.8µVrms 500mA LDO voltage regulator 78xx 3.3 5 12 15V
Accubasston Steady Linear Power Supply12V 15V 18V 24V DAC Phono/Head Amp Steamer
TF Card U disk MP3 Decoder Board Audio Amplifier Decoding Audio Player Module
3M Ultraperm 80 MuMetal "Scratch and Dent" Sale!
TDA7492P 2x25W Wireless Bluetooth CSR4.0 Audio Receiver Digital Amplifier Board
DIY PCB - Bipolar (opamp) power supply
Televes Two-Input Mast-Mounted Amplifier and Combiner (536080)
GEREE AC 12V-32V 100W TDA7293 Digital Audio Amplifier AMP Board Mono Single C...
2 In 5 Out Professional Speaker Selector Amp Switcher
MuMetal (Ultraperm) Permalloy Alloy Shielding Sheet; Mu Metal Audio Shield USA
DC 1.8-12V TDA2822M 2.0 Channel Stereo Mini AUX Audio Amplifier Board Module AMP
Aluminum Predrilled Tube Amp Chassis 17 x 8 x 2 in Customize Your Design 6L6
2 X 0.22 uf 450VDC MUNDORF M-CAP® EVO OIL Capacitors .22 uf (1 pair)
Yamaha YBA-11 5V 0.5A Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receiver W/ Power Supply WORKING
100VA Ultra low Noise 100W LPS R-core Linear power supply DC 5V-24V With display
Power Amp Uni Sync/DBX/BSR Model 200 Pro Power Amp No Reserve Vintage
TDA7492P 50W+50W Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Audio Digital Amplifier Board+Case Kit
Ultra Low Noise Positive Discrete Voltage Regulator
XMOS Asynchronous USB Digital Interface SPDIF/ IIS Output
LM386 Mono Audio Amplifier 4-12VDC
Ultraperm 80 MuMetal Metal Alloy Shielding Sheet Mu metal Lot Of 2
2-Way 6 In 1 Out Speaker Switch + Amplifier Selector For Amp Preamp Receiver
Classic 47 Headphone Amplifier Fully Assembled with Power Supply and Audio Cable
4pc 5KA Mini Slide Pot - 5K OHM - Audio A Taper, Slider Sliding Potentiometer CJ
Board ALPS Pre Potentiometer AC/DC 9V Infrared Remote Control Volume Controller
TDA7492 50W Stereo High Power Digital Audio Amplifier Module US
TPA3116D2 120W+120W 4.0 Audio Receiver Digital Amplifier Board+Case BR
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WEALTHMAKERS.COM Issues Bullish Research Reports on RJF, SIRI, SNE, SNP, STSA, SWS
China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation is a subsidiary of China Petrochemical Corporation. Sterling Financial Corp (NASDAQ:STSA) - Sterling Financial Corporation operates as the bank holding company for Sterling Savings Bank that provides retail and ...
STMicroelectronics Reports 2013 First Quarter Financial Results
We also achieved key design wins with leading customers for 28nm FD-SOI technology products and home-gateway applications ... based on our new products within our five key growth drivers. "Turning to the second quarter, in terms of revenue ...
Engineered by Ear for the Most Discerning Listeners: Yamaha Unveils 2013 AVENTAGE Network AV Receivers
The 2013 AVENTAGE Series: Raising the Stakes in Home Entertainment The AVENTAGE RX-A830 and RX-A730 receivers are crafted from carefully selected, high quality parts to ... of full HD video (up to 1080p) and 7.1 channel audio from compatible ...
New law bans disposal of e-waste in landfills
APC/ UPS backup supplies; appliances (EXCEPT refrigerators or air conditioners); audio equipment; auto starters and alternators; batteries (alkaline, NiMH, NiCad, lithium ion); broadcasting equipment; cable boxes (analog, digital and satellite); cables and ...
BUYINS.NET: Market Maker Surveillance Report. SIRI, RAD, INTC, MSFT, RF, MJNA, Highest Net Buy Volume With Lowest Price Friction For Tuesday, April 30th 2013
In addition, the company sells satellite radios, components, and accessories; designs, establishes specifications, sources or specifies parts and components ... including graphics, audio, and video onto a single chip; wired network connectivity ...
Actions Semiconductor Co., Ltd. : Actions Semiconductor Introduces Second OWL Series Chipset
portable consumer electronics ... 3D GPU and full spec 1080P video encode and decode engine built-in, ATM701x is well suited for the Tablet market as well as other Android-based applications like game consoles, Internet TV boxes and automotive applications.